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The Base Camas

The Base Camas Jiu-Jitsu classes offer training in a respectful and family-oriented environment. Our curriculum focuses not only on BJJ competition, but also on the overall improvement of our students’ lives. We overcome adversities together and bring the community closer together by battling current world problems. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at The Base Camas help students of any age reach their full potential. We’re more than just a Jiu-Jitsu academy in Camas, Washington – join the The Base Camas family to experience a better life.

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The Base Camas

About Us:

The Base Camas is a small but mighty Jiu-Jitsu academy in Camas, Washington. Our instructors focus on detailed training techniques to build strong martial artists. The self-defense skills we teach allow our students to live comfortably and confidently. Students who train at The Base Camas represent us in their daily life by reflecting our values. . This discipline and character is developed within every martial artist who takes our BJJ classes.  We all learn from each other and seek opportunities to improve and give back to the community.

Our History:

The Mendiola family opened The Base Camas to make a difference in the lives of students and leave behind a legacy. After facing countless struggles in life himself, Jiu-Jitsu helped Gil Mendiola rediscover family and friendship. It encouraged an increase in empathy, generosity, and kindness towards others to help improve his life. With their new BJJ academy, the Mendiolas simply wish to help the community by making it safer. Every student of theirs will know self-defense skills and how to use them if absolutely necessary.

Why It's Important

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The Base Camas training environment is rooted in respect for instructors, partners, and even yourself.

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While our focus is bringing people together, we have a healthy competitive spirit to ignite a passion for improvement. This increases perseverance on the mat, in school, and in work.

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The Base Camas is a team of martial artists with great character. We are united together by teamwork through BJJ classes and competitions.

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Our students become better individuals through The Base Camas. They learn to be a part of a community that is greater than themselves.

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Critical Thinking

You’ll be able to think like a martial artist after training. You’ll think twice before every action and make better decisions.

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The Base Camas

325 NE Lechner St, Camas Washington 98607

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